About Prestige Giftware

As a company, we provide luxurious giftware to our customer's at reasonable prices, these are all high-end products you can find else where on the market for normally a much higher price.

How can we afford to do so?

We have been providing giftware to the public since 1860, in this time we have grown, we have networked and we have sourced the finest quality items at affordable prices.

We are based in Essex, but we have offices and warehouses across the UK.

Our promise to our customers

We will deliver to you, solid, durability tested products - they will be handled with care and they will arrive swiftly. The products will be stylish, modern and beautiful. They will be affordable and you will agree that they are a fair price. Any issues you have will be resolved, quickly and efficiently by our customer services team. We understand the customer!

Thanks, and welcome to Prestige Giftware!

Martin Hughes
Managing Director